Footy Report

Under 12’s

Our youngest Maggies are still yet to get a win on the board, but they are as keen as mustard and  enjoying every moment on the field. We thank Ballan for giving providing players to make up a full side. In cold wet wintery conditions both teams Ballan having a few standout players enabled them to take the win. Best for the maggies was Roman.

Under 15’s   

Score: 2.0-12     4.6–30

A great game by the boys see them finally get a win on the board for the season. Behind on the scorebaord in after the first the boys then used the wind to there advantage to be in front at the half time break and never really looked back. Well done to Jordy and the boys for getting there first win for the season.

Goal Kickers: H. Adam 2, B. Zampatti, T. Green
Best Players: M. Coon, J. Meyers, H. Adam, L. Thomas, B. Zampatti

Under 18’s

Score: 7.11-53     1.2-8

Unfortunately an undermanned U17’s side in very trying conditions simply weren’t good enough against Ballan.

Goal Kickers: N. Wrigley
Best Players: J. Peters, D. Coon, M. Coon, N. Wrigley, D. Martin, K. Harrison


Score: 12.15-87     1.2-8

Another side depleated by injuries to senior players the reserves were simply no match for Ballan. Glenn Handley continued to firm as a stand out favourite for the best and fairest with another BOG performance. Pud Wrigley back in the reserves again stood tall in defence and the old stall ward Richard Meerbach was named third best.

Goal Kickers: C. Featherston
Best Players: G. Handley, B. Wrigley, R. Meerbach, E. Downs, N. Wrigley, P. Williams



Score: 6.14-50     6.7-43

So close was the senior game but unfortunately the result didn’t go our way. 7 points was the final margin in a game that was very much dictated by the wind our boys were in front after starting with the wind but only by a single point at the quarter time break. Ballan dominated the second quarter with the wind kicking 3 goals seven. After kicking the first in the third against the wind it appeared that Ballan may keep rolling but to our boys credit they didn’t stand for it and kicked the next 4 goals we be right back in the game and only 1 goal down at the final break. Needing 2 against the wind was going to be tough but it was made harder by Ballan kicking one in the final quarter, once again dominated by our boys. Matt Wrigley was again terrific across the day and Jesse Baird moved into the mid field this week and showed his versatility. 

Goal Kickers: 2 J. Yole , A. Pickering, D. Davies, J. Baird, M. Wrigley
Best Players: M. Wrigley, J. Baird, N. Clarke, A. Anderson, L. Horniblow

Netball Report



Score 11 – 17


Best: Charlie Bourke


Score 9 – 10

What a game !! We were behind all game until the final quarter. Minimal changes were made and the girls kept at the game plan – short and sharp- play in front. We had plenty of the ball as did Ballan but we just found it hard to score. Last quarter Abby found the ring and shot well – Morgan fed the goalers quickly all game and she played a great captains game ( award winner for the game ) all girls kept a cool head, took a risk, stayed tight with their opponent and never gave up – winning by a goal made for an exciting result ! It really was a great game and ever so thankful for the girls desire to work together – it was a great team effort that brought us home with the points

Best: Morgan Coon


Score 20 – 13


Best: Jorja Bourke

C Grade

Score 30- 21

Best Players: Zoe Tink, Jacq Yole

B Grade

Score 32 – 21

Best Players: Tegan Collins, Jodie Barry, Jess Schmetzer

A Grade

Score 30 – 19

Best Players: Shakira Clark, Georgia Murray, Georgia Drewer