Footy Report

Saturday was another disappointing day at the football in trying conditions early.

Under 12’s

Our U12’s again managed to field half a side with Creswick ensuring there was a game played so we thank them greatly for this.

Under 15’s   

Score 0.0-0   –   21.18-144

With a few boys away on holidays and a couple sick we unfortunately only had 12 players including 3 under 12s in the U15’s. Creswick gave us a couple more so we could field a side and the boys could still get a game.In horrible weather conditions the boys were still keen to get out and have a crack. Results definitely didn’t go our way but there was a lot of improvement from last week. The mids work as hard as they could all day with no one to swap out with due to lack of numbers Noah copped a hit to his noes and come off early in the game so we were down to 13 on the field against 15. The back definitely did there best to hold up against a bigger and stronger side. The skills across the whole side were quite good considering the pouring rain, Dan muirs and Caleb kenna didn’t miss a target all day, while Jayden, Matt coon and Phoenix Stevens with there second and third efforts were good all day. Small Roman from the under 12s played his first game for under 15s in the middle and despite his size he efforts were as good as any. In what was another tough week the boys tried there hardest and never dropped there heads. Best on’s were Phoenix Stevens, Dan Muir, kaleb kenna, Roman and Matt coon.

Best Players: P. Stevens, D. Muir, K. Kenna, R. Kennedy, M. Coon

Under 18’s

Score 1.0-6   –   6.12-48

A slow start cost our U18’s boys again as thy failed to score in the first half, after half time they seem to kick into gear having a lot of the play in there forward 50 but were unable to convert. A goal in the third gave a sniff of hope but the damage was already done. Clunes lost the second half 1.0 to 1.4 in what was a far more competitive effort by the boys. Coaches Matt Newton & Lachy Wrigley were very upbeat about the second half and will be focused on getting the boys to play that way for the entire game at training this week.

Goal Kickers: T. Green
Best Players: D. Coon, K. Harrison, L. Saligari, N. Wrigley, Z. Stinchcombe, M. Coon


Score 4.7-31   –   7.8-50

An unusual problem was experienced by the reserves coaches Saturday which saw player omitted from the side with an excess of numbers to choose from. With what was one of the best mid fields Clunes reserves has seen in many years the players were very up beat about the prospects of a win. Unfortunately however it appeared as if a number were celebrating a little to soon as it took until the second quarter for the lads to trouble the scorers. Creswick kicked 4 goals in the first to Clunes 3 behinds which in the end proved to be the difference in the game, many of those 3 behind should have been converted. Ben Newton was terrific through the middle showing he is almost ready to put his name in the hat for senior selection and the old fella Glenn Handley in his first game back at the club was also good around the ground, showing he hasn’t lost much with age. Lachy Hind was the major goal scorer kicking 2 for the day, but it was a missed opportunity for the reserves side.

Goal Kickers: L. Hind 2, J. Nevill, E. Downs
Best Players: B. Newton, G. Handley, P. Coon, J. Nevill, L. Hind


Score 6.5-41   –   13.14-92

Conditions were one thing that the senior group couldn’t complain about on the weekend, after a miserably morning the weather turned in time for the senior game and the ground was in mint condition. Creswick used this to there advantage kicking 3 in the first from 8 scoring shots to Clunes 2 behinds. unforgettably the theme continued throughout the day with Clunes unable to find an answer for Creswick’s scoring. the second third and fourth quarters proved more fruitful for the Clunes boys kicking 2 in each but it simply wasn’t enough. Passages of play gave coaching staff hope but simple skill errors saw many of the good passages end on a sour note. Choach Jono gave the boys a spray at the end of the third which appears to have a good effect with Creswick only winning the quarter by one point but it was to little to late. Lachy Wrigley fought hard all day in the back line and throughout the midfield as did brother Matt and Matt Newta Newton to seem themselves in amungst Clunes best.

Goal Kickers: N. Clarke 2, L. Hull, M. Paramonov, M. Wrigley, A. Anderson
Best Players: L. Wrigley, M. Wrigley, M. Newton, N. Clarke, J. Baird


Netball Report

A big day at the court – the weather, as promised, was inclement  and players did a great job playing in conditions we haven’t experienced for a while !

We started with the 13 B team and they had some terrific passages of play – lots of enjoyment  and parental support – thank you. 13 A girls are also enjoying their netball and will continued practise with passing they will continue to develop as a good team. 15 girls started slow but worked their way back into the game and the second half saw them take the lead and hold it for the rest of the game. Some great passages of play – attacking the ball and passing continue to be the focus at training. 17s girls were beaten by a stronger team on the day, but have plenty of positives and should be looking forward to the game next week. Thanks to all the team managers, scorers and first aiders – all the help we can get is greatly appreciated.